telegraph 03/12/2020

Late start today. I lot going on.

  • Thorough site inspection (all rooms and basement), nothing to report.
  • Rough stripped Moor-Potts room, water damaged wall, of loose paint and plaster. Moved desk against opposite wall in preparation of thorough wall restoration.
    Desk will be cleaned and oiled on next encounter.
  • Moved file cabinets in artifact room (directly over damaged wall on first floor) away from wall to inspect for water damage or leaks.
  • “Hi-jacked” empty file cabinet from artifact room and moved into library for quick storage of projects on scanning table. Proceeding to continue further digital archiving and cataloguing.

Still working on video of Bob Brian interview. A trailer has been prepared with opening and closing credits. This is a rough draft. It should be “deposition” not disposition on second scene frames. As well, if any of you know of any missing characters that are usually present at these morning meetings at “Headquarters”, please let me know their names.
I hope to finish this some time next week and no later than last week in March.

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