Kingston Historian (.pdf Downloads)

The Kingston Historical Society, Kingston, NJ publishes a newsletter twice a year. “PDF” versions of the newsletters are listed below. The links will open a .pdf of the newsletter in a new window. Issues from 2017-present are listed below.

Pre-2017 newsletters are also available (see below)

Kingston Historian Fall 2023
Kingston Historian Spring 2023
Kingston Historian Fall 2022
Kingston Historian Spring 2022
Kingston Historian Fall 2021
Kingston Historian Summer 2021

Kingston Historian Fall 2019
Kingston Historian Spring 2019
Kingston Historian Fall 2018

Kingston Historian Spring 2017

For .pdf editions of older newsletters 2011-2016, go HERE


A separate site, has been created as public repository for KHS archival items relating to Kingston, NJ history.

The KHS Archive Database already houses a number of items and more are being added. Feel free to visit and browse the archive entries. The main page‘s sidebar has a “search field” (not case sensitive) to perform topical search functions. Using the database is the best method to view historical items of interest in our collections.

The public archiving website holds some of our larger video items. is a global repository which houses media for perpetuity. Explore our collection on that site. CLICK:

Other Archived Information

The Telegraph Blog news items from our past: (Click title for full article)